Sports leggings called placebo in the fight against muscle fatigue

Sports leggings called placebo in the fight against muscle fatigue

Engineers from the Medical center of the Wexner of Ohio state University found that compression tights reduce muscle fatigue and not affect the speed and duration of running.

The study was presented at the annual conference of the American College of sports medicine (American College of Sports Medicine’s), also reported in a press release from the Medical center.

Compression sports clothing is made of elastic synthetic material; depending on requirements it can be stitched so as to cool or warm the athletes. Previous studies have shown that compression tights reduce tendon injuries and reduce the time required for recovery of muscle damage. Also in the sports environment it is considered that the compression garment reduces muscle vibration, which occurs when prolonged stress and, as a consequence, reduces their fatigue. However, the authors of new work showed that it is not.

The researchers suggested that 17 the participants of the experiment for two days to hold two half-hour workout. First workout they had to wear compression tights for the second run without them. The subjects had to run at a speed of approximately 80 percent of the maximum possible for them. The researchers tracked the body position of the runner during a workout, as well as the force with which he landed on the track and repelled by her. Before and after each workout, the researchers measured the jump height and leg strength.

The result was that although tights and reduced vibration of muscles, muscle fatigue, they are not affected. The participants showed the same jump height and leg strength after both workouts, as in compression tights or without them. According to lead author Professor Agita Choydari (Ajit Chaudhari) from the Medical center of the Wexner, compression clothing can have a positive psychological effect and if the athlete feels better when he wears tights, it’s enough to keep wearing it.

Previously, researchers have shown that “instability” shoes with curved sole useful for the abs and back. During training of “unstable” shoes, unlike ordinary shoes, not only uses leg muscles but also increases the load on the muscles of the body and mobility of the spine.

Ekaterina Rusakova