Scientists have warned about the emergence of the ozone hole over the United States

Scientists have warned about the emergence of the ozone hole over the United States

Experts from Harvard University conducted a study, the results of which revealed that the protective ozone layer over the Central part of the United States is vulnerable to erosion.

It speaks about the threat of an ozone hole, which will impact overall on the climatic environment. Experts believe that the destruction of the protective stratospheric layer can happen because dichloride chlorine, higher concentrations of which is recorded in the atmosphere over the United States.

The study highlights that the atmosphere over the United States vulnerable to increasing water vapor and temperature change as a result of storm fronts over the Great plains.

The increase in intensity of storms and decrease in stratospheric temperatures will be accompanied by climate change.

Using extensive observations in the Arctic stratosphere since the beginning of 2000-ies the researchers found a chemical structure that determines the rate of ozone loss in relation to temperature and water vapor.

They then used recent observations of radar radar NEXRAD to demonstrate that an average of 4,000 storms every summer “penetrate” into the stratosphere over the Central United States. It is much more than previously thought.

Such circumstances can result in chemical reactions that thinner ozone layer in the summer.

The main danger from the thinning of the ozone layer no protection against UV radiation, one of the main causes of skin cancer. Scientists estimate that reducing ozone in the stratosphere by 1% increases to 3% of cases, that is, in addition there will be 100 000 patients. In the United States at present, annually about 3.5 million cases of skin cancer.

Experts note that, in addition to the anthropogenic contribution to the degradation of the ozone layer make volcanoes.