Russian border guards have begun checking Ukrainian liner

Ukrainian cruise ship “General Vatutin”, instead of Odessa who went to Rostov-on-don, passes customs inspection in the Kerch Strait near port Kavkaz. On Tuesday, 6 June, the representative of the Federal Agency of Maritime and river transport (Rosmorrechflot) told RIA Novosti.

“The ship’s agent, which was applied in Rostov, this application was withdrawn. When and in what direction it will submit a new application, I can’t tell yet,” — said the Agency interlocutor.

The representative of Rosmorrechflot also noted that the ship was sold to a Russian owner, and therefore the ship remains on the territory of the Russian Federation on the lawful bases. He added that on Board there are about 15 people — the crew and the representative of the shipowning company.

Earlier in the day, the Ministry confirmed the filing of the application for passage of Kerch Strait.

On Tuesday morning it became known that the ship “General Vatutin” class “river-sea” is entering the port of Odessa began to follow through the Strait of Kerch in the Russian Rostov-on-don. Later, the head of the cruise company “Chervona Ruta” Yuri Sokolov said that the ship should be in Russia by the decision of the new owner, passengers on Board.

In turn, in the port of Rostov-on-don, said that they did not intend to let the Ukrainian cruise liner, because they deal only with cargo ships.