Russian aircraft will perform an observation flight over Bulgaria


© Flickr / José Luis Celada Euba

Russian aircraft An-30B will perform an observation flight over Bulgaria from the fifth to the ninth of June, said the acting head of the Russian national Center for nuclear threat reduction Ruslan Shishin.

“In the framework of the international open skies Treaty, the Russian Federation plans to carry out an observation flight on a Russian surveillance aircraft An-30B over the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria. the Observation flight will be performed in the period from the fifth to the ninth of June 2017 with the airport open skies Burgas and a maximum range of up to 660 kilometers,” he said.

Shishin added that the Russian observation aircraft will perform the flight according to the agreed with the observed party route, and Bulgarian specialists on Board will monitor the utilization of the equipment monitoring and observance of the provisions stipulated in the Contract.

He said that the observation flight is performed in order to promote greater openness and transparency in the military activities of States parties to the Treaty, as well as strengthening security through confidence-building measures. This is the twentieth observation flight Russia over the territories of the States parties to the Treaty in 2017.