Rashkin explained the desire of Russians to see enemies in the United States and Ukraine

Valery Rashkin

Poverty and disorder the Russians pushed them to search for an external enemy. This point of view in an interview with “Tape.ru” was expressed by the Deputy of the state Duma from the CPRF Valery Rashkin Monday, June 5.

So a Communist, commented on the results of the sociological poll spent “Levada-the Centre” which showed that almost 70 percent of respondents believe the main enemy of Russia, the United States and 50 percent in Ukraine.

“Poor us, because we are not organized our life as a society. We have a huge amount of theft, there is no quality to fight against corruption, high unemployment, lack of money,” he listed Rashkin.

In his opinion, the inhabitants of the country are transferred to foreign policy, the accumulated negative. “We need to start with internal issues and external enemies will be less and less”, — he stressed.

The poll data was published on a site “Levada-Center” earlier on Monday. In addition to the United States and Ukraine, among the enemies of Russia, respondents called Germany, Latvia and Lithuania (24%), Poland (21%) and Estonia (16 per cent). The number of friends respondents saw Belarus (46 percent), China (39 percent) and Kazakhstan (34 percent).

26 may it was reported that nearly two-thirds of Americans polled by Fox News channel, believe that Russia is the enemy of the United States.