Putin told a meeting with Flynn in 2015


RIA Novosti

Russian President Vladimir Putin told a journalist of the American TV channel NBC Megyn Kelly, who led the plenary session of the St. Petersburg international economic forum, about his meeting with former Advisor to the us President for national security Michael Flynn in 2015. “I’m with him (Flynn – approx. OPINION) even hardly spoken to”, – quotes Putin RIA “Novosti”.

The Russian President has told that was present at the event of TV channel Russia Today, where he delivered a speech. Near him sat a strange man President.

Putin said that only after leaving the event, I learned that there was some American citizen, who has previously worked in the US intelligence services.

“I’m with you, here with you in person is much more intimate relations than with Mr. Flynn”, – Putin said Kelly.

Flynn previously was criticized for a visit to Moscow in 2015, where on the anniversary of the RT he was sitting next to Putin. The Kremlin earlier said that the prolonged talks between Putin and Flynn were not.

Recall, the reason for the resignation of Flynn’s contacts with Russian Ambassador Sergei Kislyak. Putin called barmy distributors accusations of dubious in that he allegedly recruited American politicians.