Police have released the name of the third executor of the terrorist act in London

UK police have named the name of the third executor of the terrorist act in London. About it reports Reuters.

Party attacks identified as 22-year-old Youssef Sagba, an Italian of Moroccan origin. Before the attack he had not come into the view law enforcement bodies in the United Kingdom.

Earlier, on 5 June, at Scotland Yard said that one of the terrorists who staged the attack in London was a 27-year-old Khurram shazad butt, others — 30-year-old Rashid, Redouane. Butt — a native of Pakistan who received a British passport. His name was known to the secret service, however, indications that he is preparing a terrorist attack, it was not.

As explained by the investigators, the second offender — Redouane — police was not known.

The evening of June 3, three men of the “southern appearance” as described by their witnesses, the van ran over pedestrians near London bridge, then got to the borough market, where he got out of the car and with knives attacked passers-by.

The victims of this attack were seven people, 48 were injured. The perpetrators of the attack, were shot dead by law enforcement officers.