Matvienko: the Federation Council is waiting for the militarization, if


RIA Novosti

The speaker of the Federation Council Valentina Matviyenko supports the idea of the abolition of the “residency requirement” for officers with higher military rank in their nomination to the upper house believes that in the case of the adoption of this initiative the Federation Council is waiting for the militarization.

Senators Andrei Klishas Andrey Kutepov 1 June in the state Duma introduced a bill to expand the list of persons exempt from the requirement for “residency requirement” if the nomination to the Federation Council. The document proposed to extend this requirement to a candidate who on election day the respective body of state power of a subject of the Russian Federation has the rank of senior officers, special ranks of Executive staff, or their corresponding class rank of justice.

“No militarization of the Federation Council will not, but some decent people in the upper house can appear”, – said Matvienko. The Senator also added that he supports this legislative initiative.

According to her, currently, many of the issues discussed in the upper house, require expert opinions. The Senator added that at the moment the rule about the absence of “residency” for senators only applies to ambassadors. She recalled that despite her actions, while in the Federation Council are not many people that have this rank.