Leading NBC interview with Putin: behind the scenes he is sincere, laughs and jokes


RIA Novosti

The host of the NBC News Megyn Kelly for the second consecutive day shares his impressions from the interview with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

“He was emotional over. He laughed, smiled, joked, he seemed an ordinary man, which in itself was a bit of a surprise, given all that we know and have heard about him,” said Kelly in the morning TV show Today.

A day earlier broadcast of the same show, Kelly has already shared her impressions of the meeting with the Russian President. In particular, she said that when the camera is off and face to face to her he was “friendly, very polite,” asked about her family and said that he was “very impressed”. When the camera is on, she said, he became “the Russian President, whom we all know”: “a militant, unyielding, assertive, passionate, and in the offensive positions on most issues.”

During the broadcast the presenters joked about the fact that now Kelly could get a postcard from Putin for Christmas. “Look,” said Kelly.

46-year-old Kelly-known journalist and TV presenter. One reason for this fame — repeated criticism of the American President trump. After one round of election debates he spoke negatively about the leading for hard questions. Politician accused Kelly of being biased and said directly that he did not like. He later refused to debate on Fox because of what lead them once again was Kelly.

In 2014, Kelly was included in Time magazine’s hundred most influential people in the list were among others Vladimir Putin and then US President Barack Obama.