Kadyrov found the cause of the chaos in Europe


RIA Novosti

The head of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov said that what is happening in Europe is no coincidence, as there was too fond of “non-existent problems in Russia” and “forgot about themselves, about their people, about their problems.” In the end, “the desire to specify Russia” has led to internal chaos in Europe. About this Kadyrov wrote in his channel in the Telegram.

“While the European authorities are non-existent problems in Russia, and paying “special attention” to the Chechen Republic, in their territory, in their States attacks occur. People are dying,” said he.

According to the head of Chechnya, security forces of European countries were not able to guarantee the safety of either own or foreign citizens. Kadyrov says that he is concerned, sudbeat Russians in Europe, and local authorities require “to ensure the safety of our tourists, as well as living in Europe the Chechens who were forced to leave the country and live there to the status of refugees”.

He brings a deep condolences in connection with act of terrorism in the UK. “For its part, is always ready to help and advise on how to fight terrorism on its territory we have won,” he says.

In on Sunday night around 22:08 (00:08 GMT 4 June), three men in a van ran into pedestrians on London bridge, which connects the business district of city with the area of Southwark on the river Thames. After that they drove to borough market-market, jumped out of the car and started with knives to attack bystanders. 7 people were killed. This is the third terrorist attack in the country in 2.5 months.

Earlier, some European leaders have said that they intend to monitor the situation with persecution of sexual minorities in the Chechen Republic. About mass detentions, torture and massacres of them in Chechnya, wrote “Novaya Gazeta”. Eventually the discussion reached the level of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin, which Kadyrov said that the published facts are not true.