Israel will continue to control the Palestinian land, Netanyahu said

Israel will continue to control the Palestinian land, Netanyahu said

TEL AVIV, 5 Jun — RIA Novosti. Israel in any peace settlement with the Palestinians will retain military control of all land West of the Jordan river that he took exactly half a century ago, said the Israeli government led by Benjamin Netanyahu.


He spoke at the state ceremony on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the six day war of 1967 — a conflict, a triumph for the Israelites, but gave rise to problems that are not solved to this day.

“We seek peace with our neighbors, real peace, peace that will last generations. For this reason, any settlement option or without that we will maintain military control over the entire territory West of the Jordan river,” said Netanyahu.

He repeated facing the Palestinian demand to recognize Israel as the state of the Jewish people. “These are the foundations of the world, and their denial is what prevents this world to achieve,” added the Prime Minister.

According to the results of the six day war, which went from 5 to 10 June 1967, the Israelis captured from the Jordanians in the West Bank and East Jerusalem, the Egyptians, the Sinai Peninsula and the Gaza strip, the Syrian Golan heights. Fighting against the Arab neighbors, then Israel started, in anticipation of the inevitable, considered a military aggression on their part.

The identity of the occupied West Bank of the Jordan river and annexed East Jerusalem with the historic centre and the shrines of the three monotheistic religions remains the subject of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, which is trying to solve is not the first generation of global leaders.