In the United States arrested transferred classified documents to the media informant

The U.S. Department of justice filed charges the state to the contractor in the transfer of media documents classified as “secret”. About it reports CNN with reference to the statement of the Ministry.

CNN Breaking News (@cnnbrk)
06 Jun 2017, 00:10

25-year-old reality Vinner (Winner Reality) worked at Pluribus International Corporation and have the highest access to state secrets. The Ministry of justice claim that she took classified material from public buildings and sent by email to the media.

Channel sources said that the matter is about the document which formed the basis of a report prepared by the CIA, FBI and national security Agency about the alleged hacker attacks from Moscow with the aim of influencing the US presidential election in 2016. Part of the report was published by online publication The Intercept, later the source confirmed to CNN the authenticity of the leaked document. In the electronic newspaper reported that he had received information anonymously.

An internal investigation at the company revealed that the winner was one of six employees, respectively secret file, but only one she had contact with the media via email. In the event of conviction she faces up to 10 years in prison.

Russia has repeatedly accused of meddling in the US presidential election. In particular, the American security agencies have claimed that Vladimir Putin personally instructed to arrange a campaign to discredit the Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton and win the Republican Donald trump. Moscow and Washington deny all such accusations.