In Japan allowed women to enter in the passport maiden name

In Japan allowed women to enter in the passport maiden name

TOKYO, 6 June. /Offset. TASS Vasily Golovnin/. The government of Japan on Tuesday decided to allow married women want to fit into their passports also maiden name, which is now allowed only in extreme cases.

The new system will work from next financial year i.e. 1 April 2018, said at a meeting of the special headquarters for women, which was held in Tokyo under the chairmanship of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.

The change will affect documents to travel abroad as inside the country passports are not used, and ID apply driving license, health insurance card, etc.

Currently maiden name in the passport, you can optionally enter only in one case — if a woman can prove that she is known abroad under this name. For this you need to provide evidence — for example, scientific papers, newspaper articles, etc. Make it easy, and such a system uses less than 1% of women going abroad.

At the Cabinet meeting it was also decided in the future to allow entry of the girl’s names and cards with individual single rooms. They have all the citizens of Japan and foreigners with permission for a long stay. The country is now discussing the question about what to do to allow women to freely use and after marriage their girlish names. While the law States that the couple have the surname must be one. Man, so, in theory, can take his wife’s surname, but it happens very rarely. As a result of this order is increasingly perceived as a manifestation of long-standing discrimination of the beautiful half of the Japanese population.

Opposition parties periodically raise the question of cancellation of such order. However, such attempts are blocked by the ruling liberal democratic party, taking into account the opinion of the conservative segments of the population. At the same time permit everyone to enter additional passport in their maiden name are regarded as the first step to remove all restrictions on their use in the country.