American intelligence agencies have accused the GRU cyber attacks on election commissions in the United States

American intelligence agencies have accused the GRU cyber attacks on election commissions in the United States

MOSCOW, June 6 — RIA Novosti. In a secret report of the national security Agency USA (NSA) argues that the Russian military intelligence allegedly carried out cyber attacks on software providers for the election for a few days before the vote in the United States, according to the Intercept, citing received from some anonymous copy of the document.

It is emphasized that the results of these “attacks”, as well as any impact on the election process is not established.

In a secret report of the national security Agency of the United States, anonymously provided by the portal, refers to the “Russian intervention” in U.S. elections. The report was dated 5 may. The report argues that a cyber attack carried out main intelligence Directorate of the General staff of the armed forces (GRU) but no confirming this information in the publication is not given.

“GRU… of operations carried out by cyber-espionage against the US company in August 2016, apparently to obtain information about the software associated with the elections… the Hackers probably used the data obtained in the course of this operation … to run a phishing campaign associated with the registration of voters, directed to local government organizations”, — quotes the portal is a quote from the report.

The publication claimed that the hackers allegedly were aimed at elections in the United States and in other countries, focusing on the parts of the electoral system, directly related to the voter registration process, including the private device maker, specializing in confirmation of the voter lists.

The report is not reported on the impact of the intervention on the outcome of the elections and noted that the achievements of the hackers are not exactly clear. However, the report allowed that the hackers probably could break any elements of the voting system.

According to the report, the plan of the hackers was supposed to impersonate a developer of electronic voting.

It is argued that then the hackers tried to fraudulently force the members of the polling companies to open documents in Microsoft Word, which was concluded malicious software. After the staff opened the file, the hackers could gain complete control over the compromised computer, according to the portal.

As a result, according to the report, the NSA has registered seven probable victims of a hacker attack. It is reported that at least one employee’s account was hacked.

NSA notes that the results of the attack remained unclear. “It is not known how successful were attempts to hack the alleged victims by the aforementioned phishing operations, and which data could be obtained by hackers,” notes the NSA.

US intelligence agencies had previously accused Russia of trying to influence American elections, Russia has repeatedly denied the allegations, press Secretary of Russian President Dmitry Peskov called them “completely unfounded”. Some time ago to investigate the “relationships trump of Russia”, which refutes the White house and the Kremlin, was appointed the special Prosecutor. Two investigating committees on intelligence of the Senate and house of representatives of the United States.