Usmanov announced the winners of the contest of memes about a dispute with Bulk

Usmanov announced the winners of the contest of memes about a dispute with Bulk

Billionaire Alisher Usmanov on his page in social network “Vkontakte” announced the first winners of the competition of memes dedicated to his video message to Alexei Navalny.

The businessman said that was unable this week to pick one best work and decided to award just three users. Another participant of the contest was chosen by “popular vote”. They all get iPhones, promises Usmanov.

Among the winners chosen by the billionaire, was the work of the designer of the Studio of Artemiy Lebedev Egor Zhgun, pererisovyvali a poster for the animated film “Kung fu Panda”. This picture was published on Twitter designer may 24 — before the contest was announced.

— zhgun (@zhgun) may 24, 2017

“Among the selected works were sent to us a picture of kung TFU Panda. We know that she appeared in the network ahead of the competition. We find its author and send him a well-deserved award,” — said in the message of group “Vkontakte”, dedicated to the contest.

Usmanov announced the contest of memes may 29. He promised every week to accommodate any work on the page and reward their authors with smartphones Apple. That is what the device was filmed the first video message to Navalny, said the billionaire.

In this appeal, published may 18, Usmanov responded to the main charges in his address Bulk. In particular, it announced its version of the origin of its multibillion-dollar fortune and where he pays taxes. In the address, he also said became a meme of the phrase “FIE on you, Alexei Navalny”.

A few days Usmanov has published yet another appeal to the opposition, which accused him of lying and compared with the hero of the novel by Mikhail Bulgakov “heart of a Dog” Poligraf Sharikov. Both appeals are the reason for numerous cartoons and parodies, after which Usmanov and announced a competition of memes.

Lyublinskiy district court of Moscow on may 31 satisfied the claim on protection of honor and dignity filed by Usmanov to Bulk in April. The judge ordered the defendant to refute a few publications about Usmanov and delete the film “you do not Dimon” on “the secret”, alleged Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, and allegedly related funds.

One of these funds, as stated in the investigation, received a gift from Usmanov land and a house on Rublevsky highway cost 5 billion rubles. The court recognized this information untrue.