The IG has claimed responsibility for the attack in London

The IG has claimed responsibility for the attack in London

Banned terrorist group “Islamic state” has claimed responsibility for the attack in London. About it reports Reuters with a reference associated with the terrorists of the media. In the attack at least seven people were killed and 48 were hospitalized.


The attack occurred on Saturday night around 23:00 local time. On London bridge a van ran over pedestrians, then drove all the way to borough market, where he produced three armed with hunting knives men. They began attacking passers-by, but was soon shot dead by the police. The bodies of the killed terrorists was discovered to be a dummy explosive devices.

British police do not name names of the perpetrators of the attack, but on Sunday night issued a statement that called their names “as soon as technically possible”. In addition, the police said that they conducted searches in four buildings in London.

In the case of the terrorist attack was already arrested 12 people. According to the correspondent of Reuters, among the detainees were four women in niqab. All the detentions took place in the London borough of Barking. Since then, the police released one of the detainees without charges.