The former head of the Library of Ukrainian literature, was sentenced to 4 years probation for extremism

The former head of the Library of Ukrainian literature, was sentenced to 4 years probation for extremism

Sharina found guilty of inciting national hatred and enmity, as well as embezzlement of funds for personal gain.

MOSCOW, June 5. /TASS/. Petty-bourgeois court of Moscow has sentenced to four years of imprisonment conditionally former Director of the Library of Ukrainian literature Natalia Sharin, recognizing her guilty of extremism and embezzlement, the correspondent of TASS.

“Recognize Sharin guilty under article 282, part 3 and 4 of article 160 of the criminal code. Assign a punishment of four years of imprisonment conditionally with a trial period of four years”, — announced the decision of judge Elena Gudoshnikova.

“Sharina has committed acts aimed at inciting national hatred and enmity, and humiliation of human dignity. She, Sharina, committed embezzlement of funds for personal gain,” read the sentencing judge.

“The prosecution satisfied the court verdict,” said Prosecutor Lyudmila Balandina, answering the question TASS. Later, the Prosecutor explained to the journalists that “the court gave a detailed assessment of the evidence of the parties and ordered the defendant with proportionate punishment.”

The defense has stated that it considers illegal and unreasonable the verdict and intends to reach the European court of human rights, if you do not seek to excuse Sharina in Russian courts.

We already have to the ECHR complaint on house arrest Sharina. Then if we do not achieve justification, of course, the ECHR will be filed with the complaint and prigovarivaya Natalia Sharina

The lawyer noted that “in itself, the storage of materials, even recognized as extremist, does not constitute a criminal offense, there are administrative punishment.”

Answering a question of journalists, what will she do after the trial, Sharina said, finally removing the electronic bracelet, will walk as much as you want, as well as celebrate mom’s birthday.

“I’m very law-abiding person, if someone said I was late in his career here was done, I never would have believed it. However, this is also a great experience,” said Sharina.

As noted in the judgment, Sharina in 2011-2015, as official, in violation of the law “On countering extremist activities” organized the distribution among the visitors of the library books Dmytro Korchynskyi, which are recognized by the court as extremist materials and prohibited for use.

In the debate of the parties the Prosecutor Lyudmila Balandina asked to sentence Sharin to 5 years probation in connection with the fact that she is subject to criminal liability for the first time, and also considering her age. Sharina herself denied all accusations and asked for acquittal.

The basis of the judgment of the court was the testimony of the witnesses, written submissions of the case, including the results of the examination, which fully confirmed the guilt of Sharina in her alleged crimes. All of this evidence, the court found that consistent and acceptable.

The arguments of the Sharina about her innocence recognized by the court as inconclusive and interpreted as an attempt to avoid criminal liability. The defense and the defendant, stated in the verdict are contradictory, is refuted by the testimony of witnesses, written materials and the testimony of the victim, which the court has no reason not to trust. The court also disbelieved the allegation Sharina that she did not understand the accusation, calling it a “form of protection”.