The authors of the monument to Ivan the terrible in Aleksandrov took the sculpture out of the city

Management of the Fund “Russian Vityaz” and the sculptor Vasily Selivanov was taken from local authorities intended for the town of Alexandrov (Vladimir region) sculpture of Ivan the terrible. Now they are considering other options for publishing it. The installation of the monument in the city will be held, if the district administration apologized for the demolition of the sculpture from the pedestal, reports TASS with reference to the Foundation’s President Dmitry Lysenkov.

According to Lysenkov, in the city MGUP “Improvement”, where he kept monument, no guarantee its safety, and the authors were worried about his physical condition. Now the sculpture was moved to the warehouse of the Fund “Russian Vityaz”.

Lysenko said that he received several suggestions for alternative locations for the monument, including in Moscow, in the Tula region, in the suburbs and in the South of Russia. The final decision on the transfer is still pending, and the representatives of the “Russian knight” is not going to dismantle the pedestal cost about one million rubles.

District authorities said that if the “Russian Vityaz” all-taki will take the monument out of the city, they find other investors, and finish the project. “We will make the waterfront and be sure to put a monument to Ivan the terrible”, — said the Agency head of the administration of Aleksandrovsky district Igor Pershin.

At the end of April, the monument to the Russian Tsar disappeared from the place of installation, yet its author — the sculptor Vasily Selivanov went to lunch. Witnesses of the incident were convinced that the monument was stolen. While in the city administration said that the monument was taken with their permission, because its opening was moved to the summer.