Putin: sanctions helped Russia to turn the brain


RIA Novosti

Anti-Russian sanctions, despite the damage to the economy, gave impetus to the development of several industries, including high-tech, said the President of Russia Vladimir Putin during the plenary session at SPIEF-2017.

“Whether it caused damage to us? Yes, of course. These restrictions are detrimental to us. Mainly, this is due to limitations of funding and our financial organizations with transfer of technology. But there is a plus. Because we, for example, prompted the development of entire sectors of the Russian economy,” Putin said.

A significant increase was observed in agriculture, but the stimulus received and the high-tech industry.

“Our agriculture is growing at a rate above 3% each year. Well, about about 3%. This had never happened before. This phenomenon, to be honest. I had big concerns, how do we solve the problems. Solved. If this is ten years ago, it was, by the way, we wouldn’t be able to do it, and now you can. And it turns out well. This encourages the development of entire industries high-tech industries. Had to turn on their brains, not just oil and gazodollary”, — said the President.