Putin called the rumors about the alleged presence of Russian dirt on trump’s nonsense

Putin called the rumors about the alleged presence of Russian dirt on trump’s nonsense

MOSCOW, 5 Jan — RIA Novosti. Russian President Vladimir Putin called another nonsense information that Russia allegedly has dirt on the us leader Donald trump, and stated that he never met.

“Just another nonsense. Where we have some information? We have that with him there was some special relationship? In General, there were no relations. He came to Moscow at the time. You know, I never met him,” said Putin in an interview with U.S. television channel NBC, answering a question about Russia information, discrediting trump.

Putin to @megynkelly: “In the grand scheme of things, we don’t care who’s the head of the United States” https://t.co/oWSKbSkrAq

— NBC News (@NBCNews) June 4, 2017

The Russian leader noted that in Russia a lot of Americans, particularly many US officials took part in St. Petersburg economic forum. The President assured that Moscow will contribute to their successful work in the country.

“They are investors, CEOs of the largest American companies, they are interested in working together. And, thank God, we certainly will welcome every one of them. And each of them, we believe it is our friend, and will help them in implementing their plans in Russia. Will try to make an effort to work it successfully and profitably,” said Putin.

“They all should be arrested then? What are you, crazy? But what about the freedom of the economy? What about human rights? What do you think we each of them is now compradorial, perhaps, collect? Are you crazy or not?” — he was indignant.

Anonymous document, explaining that some “Russian agents” allegedly have incriminating information on trump, was published by BuzzFeed in January.

The trump has repeatedly denied reports of his “ties with Russia” and said that doesn’t communicate with the Russian authorities. Trump has said that us intelligence acknowledged published compromising fake and BuzzFeed will be responsible for the publication of this document.

In turn, the press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov told reporters that reports about the alleged Moscow has incriminating information on trump “an absolute duck, a complete fabrication and absolute nonsense”.