Naina Yeltsin proposed to consider the 90-ies of the saints

Naina Yeltsin proposed to consider the 90-ies of the saints

Moscow. June 5. INTERFAX.RU the Widow of the first President of Russia Naina Yeltsin considers that the period of the 1990s should be considered the Holy formative years of the country, and believes that in Russia, in the end, everything will work out.

“In my opinion, 90 years should not be called dashing, and the saints, and to honor the people who lived in that difficult time, who created and built a new country in difficult circumstances, without losing her faith,” said Yeltsin on Monday in Moscow at the book fair presenting his books “Personal life”.

She admitted that in 1990-e years when the country collapsed, life was extremely hard.

“But still tried to create a new country, to consolidate democracy, freedom of speech. And this became the basis for the further development of democracy and the country”, — said the widow of Boris Yeltsin.

As for the shock therapy of Yegor Gaidar, then, in her words, “it was impossible to encourage people to wait two or three years”. “Yes, Gaidar went on to shock therapy, but like surgeons with patients with hard — and destroyed the country such was the shock therapy was needed to move sharply to a new level,” Yeltsin explained.

Answering the question of how it sees Russia’s next, Yeltsin’s widow said: “I love my people, I love my country and believe that all will be well.”

She said that the book “life” written in the last five years. “Writing was difficult. I had to check every word, not only every fact,” — said Yeltsin.

According to her, working on a book she began “quite by accident”: “it All started with stories about our time with my grandchildren”.

“I tried to rebuild my life in those years — in the 30s, the military, post-war, recent years. Yes, it was a difficult time, difficult time. We went through dekulakization, the GULAG, the war and post construction. It was hard, of course. But even harder was the fact that we have been taught not to say anything, to keep quiet about everything. But now, finally, came the years when you can and should tell the next generations about our lives,” said Yeltsin.