Lithuania started to build a fence on the border with Russia

Lithuania started to build a fence on the border with Russia

VILNIUS, 5 Jun — RIA Novosti. Lithuania starts construction of a security fence near the border with Russia, according to the Lithuanian Service of the state border.

“By the end of this year, the fence with the Lithuanian side will be built over a length of 44.6 km”, — said the press service of the Ministry.

The first pillar of the future of the fence is dug within village Reminisces current Sakiai district head of the interior Ministry of Lithuania Autism Misuraca.

The cost of construction is estimated at 1,335 million Euro, money allocated from the state budget. The work is done, ZAO Gintrėja on the basis of a bilateral agreement between company and security Service of the state border of Lithuania.

The Department explained that the border with the Kaliningrad oblast will build a segmental metal fence with a height of two meters with additional equipment. The fence will be located on the border of Lithuania and Russia near the town of Vistytis will continue it in the current Sakiai, and Vilkaviskis districts, the river Nemunas. Almost the entire 109-mile water boundary was previously equipped with surveillance system.

Construction work is scheduled to be completed until December 20.

By 2020, the Service for the protection of the state border is also planning to build a fence at the Lithuanian-Belarusian border. The Department believes that the fencing will help to protect against irregular migration.