“Just another nonsense”


the press service of the Kremlin

“Sunday night” — a new show leading American TV channel NBC Megyn Kelly. The hero of the first issue became the President of Russia Vladimir Putin — nothing would be better for the promotion of new products. Colleagues Kelly assume that there is a TV show that will force the White house to switch from Fox News channel, where Kelly worked successfully to quarrel with Donald trump on NBC. Because the main topic of conversation with Putin became Russia’s influence on the American election campaign. What new thoughts voiced on this score — in the material “Tape.ru”.

Megyn Kelly, who acted as the moderator for the discussions of the St. Petersburg international economic forum (SPIEF), back in new York, said that the Russian President “is more difficult than trying to present the media.” From a conversation with him, she realized that Putin “definitely has its own approach to establishing order” in Russia. From conversations with the residents of St. Petersburg — that he really enjoys popular support. “Probably 90 percent of Russians love Vladimir Putin”, — said the journalist.

She assured the American public that during the interview “one on one” directly and openly formulated questions, which primarily concerned the role of the Kremlin in the victory of Republican candidate Donald trump. The same theme was the main during the panel discussion SPIEF, but the TV host found it necessary to repeat repeatedly voiced. Kelly is sure that Putin “really like it when he’s challenged”.

The presenter also shared a personal experience: on formal occasions Putin, the way he was used to seeing, but when the camera is off he communicates differently, much sincere.

Honest communication with the American presenter, the Russian President himself confirmed, but in an ironic form. “I have with you personally is much closer relations than with Mr. Flynn (a former adviser to the President of the United States — approx. “Of the tape.ru”): we met yesterday evening, we spent the whole day together worked, now meet again” — he turned to Kelly. “If we have a Flynn was a brief contact, and he was fired from work, then you should just be arrested and put in prison,” he concluded.

Putin spoke about his acquaintance with a former adviser to U.S. President for national security Michael Flynn, whom he had met once in Moscow. “When I came to the event our company Russia Today, and sat at the table, sat next to a gentleman on the one hand, on the other hand someone else was sitting. Then I made another about something talked, I got up and left”, — said the President of the details of the evening, which was attended by an American. This, according to him, was all acquaintance with Mr. Flynn, who managed to work on a post of the adviser of the President of the United States less than a month before he resigned amid speculation in the press that he misinformed trump about his communication with Russian Ambassador Sergei Kislyak in December 2016.

It Sergey Kislyak was dedicated to the most emotional part of the conversation, the presenter with the Russian President. “You said that the Ambassador is just doing his job. And what was discussed at those meetings?” — asked Kelly.

“There were no meetings. Understand, the meetings were not any. I when it (the media reports — approx. “Of the tape.ru”) saw, just mouth open,” — said Putin.

“That is, meetings between Mr. Kislyak and someone from the headquarters trump not?” — said the host.

“I have no idea. I tell you quite frankly. I don’t know. The current work of the Ambassador. What do you think, from around the world and from the United States Ambassador me every day, reports the people he meets that he discussed? The delusion of some kind. You understand what you’re asking, or no?” — could not stand Putin.

But Kelly did not give up: “You’re his boss, you’re his boss.”

“The chief — Minister of foreign Affairs, — said Putin. — Do you think I have time every day to chat with our ambassadors around the world? Bullshit. Don’t you realize that this is nonsense?”

No less emotional reaction the presenter has made Putin, asking about whether the Kremlin is “any information that is defamatory of the President of the Tampa”. “Just another nonsense. Where we have some information?”, — he was surprised. And reminded that trump was not the only American businessman, came to Russia. And at the St. Petersburg forum were representatives of the one hundred companies from the United States. “They all should be arrested then? What are you, crazy? — wondered Putin. — What do you think we each of them is now compradorial, perhaps, collect? Are you crazy or not?”

Putin also countered the statement of Kelly that of Russian interference in presidential elections in the U.S. claim 17 agencies in the field of security and representatives of both parties in the U.S. Congress: “They are deluded”.

The Russian President hinted that the Kremlin put the blame to divert attention from the real initiators of cyberattacks. “It could be hackers in the United States, which are very skillfully and professionally moved, as we say, “the arrow” on Russia. You can not afford to let that happen? I”, — Putin said.

He recalled the version according to which the assassination of President John F. Kennedy organized a secret services of the United States. “If this story is true, and that cannot be excluded, what is easier in today’s environment, using all the technical possibilities of intelligence agencies, to organize the attack, saying more and Russia,” suggested Putin.

To clarify that the election changed the whole 70 thousand votes, and a number of people may be affected, Putin has advised to change the electoral law in favor of the secret ballot. “The United States Constitution and the electoral law is constructed in such a way that a candidate can vote a greater number of electors, which is smaller number of voters”, — Putin said the current voting rules.

“Who is offended at us for what we interfering? You are always interfering”, — he addressed to the whole of America in the face of one journalist. Such a remark sounds like an excuse, remarked Kelly. “That doesn’t sound like an excuse, it sounds like a statement of fact,” he assured her Putin.

“Many Americans, hearing the name of Vladimir Putin, think he runs the country that is submerged in corruption, a country where journalists who are critical of expressing my point of view, kill, country where dissidents can be imprisoned, or something worse. Those who think so, what would you say?”, — asked Kelly.

Putin responded that no one should have any doubt that Russia is developing in a democratic way. “What is happening in the course of some internal political struggle, yet some events, there is something that is done in other countries, do not see unusual,” he said.

And the actions of the opposition, the Russian authorities are milder than other countries, including the United States. In this regard, the President advised the U.S. to deal with less moralizing. “We’re going rallies of the opposition, we the people have the right to Express their point of view. Our police, thank God, so far, in any case, does not apply no batons, no tear gas or other extreme measures to restore order, that we often see in other countries, including the United States,” he added.

As an example, Putin cited the actions of civil protest in the U.S. Occupy Wall Street against economic inequality and social stratification. “Let us remember the movement, where is it now? Law enforcement agencies and special services of the United States have made it to the wheels and a solution”, he said.

“I did not ask you a question: how can you have democracy in the United States?”, — said the President of Russia. “Why do you feel entitled to ask us such questions, and continuously engage in moralizing and teach us to live?” he asked a rhetorical question.

In General, assessing the years since his coming to power, Putin stressed that the situation in the economy and social life in Russia has changed for the better. “But we have a lot of problems, and even the poverty threshold is now a little worse than we planned. The situation will be corrected, I’m sure. But still we have significantly increased real wages of the population, significantly increased pensions,” — said Putin.

The President also noted that during this time, the economy volumes grew almost two times and its quality is changing. “Not as quickly as we would like, but the structure is changing. Today we have a completely different Armed forces compared to what it was, say, 15 years ago. And all this, of course, including our great history, culture, all of it, not just what we see today, the vast majority of Russian citizens proud of their country,” — stated Putin.

At the same time, he expressed the hope that the 17 years of his leadership the country has not affected his personality. “I feel a direct living connection with the land, with history,” he said. Putin recalled that in St. Petersburg Piskaryovskoye memorial cemetery, where are buried 400 thousand of the citizens who died during the Siege. “They died of starvation. And in one of the graves buried my older brother, whom I never saw, and I will never forget about it, as well as the fact in what condition our country was in the early 90-ies”, — concluded Putin.