Former U.S. Secretary of state has accused trump of the ignorance of the theory of global warming

Former U.S. Secretary of state has accused trump of the ignorance of the theory of global warming

NEW YORK, June 5. /Offset. TASS Alexey Kachalin/. The US President Donald trump, taking the decision to withdraw from the Paris climate agreement, have demonstrated that poorly versed in the scientific basis of the concept of global warming.

The belief in this was expressed on Sunday in the live NBC TV former US Secretary of state John Kerry, who was personally involved in the approval of this document.

“If you do good in science and well versed in this subject, you will inevitably come to the conclusion about the need for urgent action. And you will never be out of the Paris agreement,” he said. According to Kerry, advisers trump in this case demonstrate the helplessness, because I can’t even tell you what the President thinks about climate change on the planet.

“The fact is that all personnel (administration — approx. TASS) could not say whether he thinks (the President of the USA — approx. TASS) global warming is a fiction or not”, — said the former head of the foreign Ministry.

Former Vice President al Gore, who personally spoke on this subject with trump in his skyscraper in new York, said the decision of the head of state is irresponsible. “To justify such a decision impossible. It undermines America’s position in the world arena”, — the politician believes.

The head of Federal Agency for environmental protection Scott Pruitt, however, believes that the personal opinion of the President is irrelevant to the adopted at the state level solution. “I believe that this issue was raised with the purpose to confuse him (trump — approx. TASS) confused and sidetrack from the topic of use (agreement — approx. TASS) for the country,” said Pruitt Sunday aired on ABC.

“The President in a few weeks was focused on the analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of the agreement and eventually put America’s interests above all other considerations,” added the Minister.

He the permanent representative of the United States to the UN, Nikki Haley did not answer the question, does trump global warming fiction. Both recommended that to address this issue directly to the head of state, thus confirming the correctness of the rebuke Kerry.

The U.S. President declared June 1 to withdraw unilaterally from the Paris climate agreement, calling it disadvantageous for their country. The document was signed in 2016, in the participants included, in particular, Russia, Germany, India and China. The main purpose of the agreement is to keep the global average temperature increases within 2 degrees Celsius compared to the corresponding indicator of the pre-industrial era. Scientists believe that a larger increase may lead to irreversible consequences for the ecology of the planet.