Driver’s license and passports will rise in price in half

Driver’s license and passports will rise in price in half

The state tax on driver’s license new generation will increase from 2000 to 3000 RUB, on biometric passports with 3500 to 5000 RUB Is the offer of the Ministry of internal Affairs on Monday was supported by the government Commission on legislative activities, told “Vedomosti” Federal official confirmed the meeting. If the bill will receive support at the government meeting it will be submitted to the Duma.

Under the bill, the Ministry of internal Affairs also will increase the state duty for the passport of new generation for children up to 14 years — from 1500 to 2500 RUB the Plastic registration certificate of the vehicle will cost three times more expensive than paper — 1500 RUB 500 RUB against the Value of the old (paper) samples of the same documents you want to save, the bill of the Ministry of interior.

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Plans to sharply increase fees for the issuance of a number of new sample documents, the Ministry of interior reported nearly a year ago — in August 2016, the fee Increases necessary to offset budget expenses for production of documents, the interior Ministry explained in a note to the bill.

The cost of making the passport with the electronic carrier (chip) is growing annually by 10%; the actual expenses of the budget for the holding of examinations on the driving license, issuance of driver’s licenses and register vehicles in 2017 will increase to 1000 rubles., predicted the authors of the project. Registration fee should increase in proportion to the actual costs of the budget, claimed the interior Ministry.

In 2016, all kinds of state duties brought in the Federal budget to 94.2 billion rubles or 7.4% less than in 2015 (if it was 101,7 bn). will increase to 1000 rubles., told “Vedomosti” participant in the debate initiative.