Caused a stampede in Turin teenagers admitted his inappropriate joke about a terrorist attack

Crush in Turin in Piazza San Carlo, where it was organized fan-zone for fans of “Juventus”, was, according to law enforcement caused by illegal actions of two teenagers, writes portal Football Italia.

According to the newspaper, boys, deciding to “fool around”, pretended to be suicide bombers. Teens revealed during questioning they expressed regret in connection with the incident.

Police reviewed the video and identified troublemakers. One of them, which was just pants and a backpack, raised his hands to the sides and began to shout something, giving others the impression that he intends now to commit a terrorist act. All who were near, in fear ran off from him.

Then the bully tried to pull him away, perhaps realizing that the situation is rapidly getting out of control.

During interrogation, the teenagers confessed that this “joke” was extremely inappropriate.

According to the latest data, as a result of a stampede caused by panic, medical assistance in connection with the injury took 1527 victims. Most of them were crushed or suffered lacerations when falling on broken glass. Three are in critical condition, including a boy of seven, he required resuscitation at the present time he is in a medical coma.