Became known details of mass murder in Tver region

Became known details of mass murder in Tver region

REDKINO (Tver region), 5 Jun — RIA Novosti. Became known details of mass murder in Tver region: as told RIA Novosti the neighbors of the victims, electrician offended by truckers due to the fact that they refused to buy him alcohol.

The small town of Redkino is located 20 kilometers South of Tiberias on the road in the direction of Moscow. The town has a railway station with a straight to leave on the train at the Leningrad station of the capital. Such accessibility has made Eger popular place among the summer residents of Moscow — it’s a great place for the weekend. Some residents of the city and country villages, even commuting to work in Moscow.

Near Redkino are several garden associations, including became infamous all over the country “50 years of October” — a quiet, unremarkable country village immersed in the greenery and mosquitoes. Here on Sunday night fought a bloody tragedy, 45-year-old local resident, worked in partnership as an electrician, was shot from a hunting rifle nine people. Wielded professionally by killing each of his victims with one shot. Finished off with the butt.

The causes of the massacre and exact chronology of events understand the investigative authorities. Local residents told RIA Novosti that in the evening several people, including the Smirnov family, gathered at the dacha of the former Chairman of the Association Tatiana Arkhipova. The occasion was the birthday little granddaughter Arkhipova.

There is no invitation came from the local electrician. Its in the village knew — he was the son of a local resident, he lived a long time in Moscow, but then lost his job and returned to the village. Recently it is issued by an electrician of a partnership, but a great reputation among locals it has not been used in the wiring he did not understand, but liked to drink. However, he with his own hands repaired the house of the mother.

“We barely saw him sober, he was walking through the village and were looking for somewhere to drink,” — said one of the locals.

Arkhipova and her guests refused electrician. Maybe someone of them were released and some unpleasant remark about him. The locals also discuss the theory that hostility electrician could cause a conflict between the old and new Chairman of the Association — the alleged former President allowed himself to caustic remarks and address of the competitor, and address the electrician hired her.

Whatever it was, offended by the electrician in his own car went home on the next street strawberry, where we picked up a carbine “saiga” 12-gauge and went for revenge.

At this time, the party Arkhipova was over, the guests went to the side of the house. But on the road, on the street Michurina, looked “at the light” to the country Saveliev, where just grilled kebabs. The company continued stay, and then suddenly into the yard to Savelyev broke armed electrician.

Even in the dark he shot everybody sitting on the street for a table, and one of the men tried to escape and has almost left the yard. Killing sitting on the street, the electrician came in and continued the punishment from his bullets were lost, in particular, the 92-year-old grandmother Vyacheslav Savelyev, the owner of the house where the massacre took place.

The victims electrics were nine people — four women and five men. And among the dead were those who were not even acquainted with him. Suffered and the Smirnov family, which first confronted the killer. Smirnov remained daughter is a student.

Survived only 21-year-old girl, a friend Vyacheslav Savelyev. She managed to hide under the blankets and secretly to call the police. There was a call from neighbors who heard gunshots.

At this time, after the massacre, the killer began to collect the bodies of the victims. The body of one of the women he put in the trunk, probably going to remove and hide, but at this point in the plot the police showed up. Near the bodies were found in the Newspapers and lighter fluid fires, but did the killer burn the bodies or liquid left after cooking barbecue, it is not yet clear.

Militiamen detained the man. Sober, he began to give grateful evidences.

Later that evening, the work of forensic scientists at the scene have been suspended, but with the cordon of the murder scene has not been removed. To the house where the tragedy occurred, is not allowed outsiders.

The investigating authorities opened a criminal case under paragraph “a” of part 2 of article 105 of the criminal code (Murder of two or more persons). On behalf of Chairman SK of Russia Alexander Bastrykin, the team of investigators and criminologists of the Central apparatus of the Ministry has begun inspection of the scene, utilizing the latest in forensic equipment.

Already interviewed neighbors and other witnesses. Appointed forensic examination, including ballistic, genetic, forensic and medical.