A tornado did not prevent the loonie to mow the lawn

A tornado did not prevent the loonie to mow the lawn

MOSCOW, 5 Jan — RIA Novosti. A resident of the canadian province of Alberta decided that the tornado warnings, not a reason to leave to mow the lawn. The picture in which a man named Theunis Wessels continues to work on the background of the raging elements, posted in Facebook his wife.

“My beast mows the grass with the wind in your hair,” she wrote under the photo.

In an interview with the canadian CBC News Wessels said that “looked at him (tornado — ed.)”. “In the photo it seems that it is very close, but in fact it was very far away. Well, not that I live quite far, but quite far from us,” he concludes.

Vessels aren’t the only people in Alberta who filmed the tornado. On YouTube gaining popularity video, which captured one of the locals on the way home from the store.

According to him, the vortex had formed in his eyes, and she moved towards the house of his daughter. He slowed down, warned her daughter on the phone, then took this video.