A number of Arab countries severed relations with Qatar

A number of Arab countries severed relations with Qatar

Bahrain breaks off diplomatic relations with Qatar, reports Reuters, citing state media Kingdom. In Manama has accused Qatar that he supports terrorism and is interfering in the internal Affairs of Bahrain.

Air and sea connections between the countries ceased. Bahrain has also ordered its nationals to leave Qatar within 14 days.

Citizens of Qatar also have two weeks to leave the territory of Bahrain, and Qatari diplomats given 48-hour deadline, reports Al Arabiya.

Qatar “sowed in Bahrain, the chaos, the most blatant violation of all the agreements and principles of international law, not taking into account the values, rights, morality, violating the principles of good neighborliness and a commitment to permanent relations between the countries of the Persian Gulf, rejecting all previously undertaken obligations”, — said in a statement.

In turn severed diplomatic relations with Qatar and ceased to transport with him to Saudi Arabia. As stated in Riyadh, this step is necessary to protect the Kingdom from “terrorism and extremism”. Saudi Arabia called on “all brotherly countries and companies to do the same thing.”

After Bahrain and Saudi Arabia to break off relations with Qatar and the termination of the message declared Egypt also accusing Doha of supporting terrorism, including extremist organization “Muslim brotherhood”.

UAE also supported the move, emphasizing that Qatar “undermines security” in the region. Qatari diplomats allotted 48 hours to leave the country.

In addition, the coalition led by Saudi Arabia declared that it suspends the participation of Qatar in the operation against rebels in Yemen.

As reported RIA Novosti, the conflict between Qatar and its neighbours occurred a week after the summit, the Gulf countries and the United States in Riyadh, when the Qatari news Agency placed on behalf of the Emir’s speech in support of building relations with Iran. At the summit in Riyadh Saudi Arabia on behalf of all the guests of the meeting condemned Iran for its hostile policy and threatened an adequate response. Later, a representative of the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Qatar, said that the Agency website was hacked, and a speech on behalf of the Emir were published by the hackers and has nothing to do with the Qatari leader.

However, Saudi Arabia, UAE and Bahrain considered the rebuttal unconvincing, and continue to insist that the words on the normalization of relations with Iran really belongs to the Emir. The UAE Minister of state for foreign Affairs Anwar Gargash called on Qatar to change its policy and not to repeat past mistakes, to restore relations with neighbors.