A number of Arab countries severed relations with Qatar

Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi (left, foreground) and the king of Bahrain Hamad bin ISA al Khalifa (right foreground)

Bahrain breaks off diplomatic relations with Qatar, reports Reuters, citing state media Kingdom. In Manama has accused Qatar in supporting terrorism and interfering in the internal Affairs of Bahrain.

Air and sea connections between the countries ceased. Bahrain has also ordered its nationals to leave Qatar within 14 days.

Citizens of Qatar also have two weeks to leave the territory of Bahrain, and Qatari diplomats given 48-hour deadline, reports Al Arabiya.

In turn severed diplomatic relations with Qatar and ceased to transport with him to Saudi Arabia. As stated in Riyadh, this step is necessary to protect the Kingdom from “terrorism and extremism”. Saudi Arabia called on “all brotherly countries and companies to do the same thing.”

After Bahrain and Saudi Arabia to break off relations with Qatar declared Egypt also accusing Doha of supporting terrorism, including extremist organization “Muslim brotherhood”.

UAE also supported this move, saying of Qatar, “undermines security” in the region.