USA announced the immediate termination of participation in the Green climate Fund of the UN

Scott Pruitt

The United States immediately refused to Finance the Green climate Fund of the UN. About this at a press briefing at the White house said the head of the Federal Agency for environmental protection Scott Pruitt.

Commenting on the decision of the President of trump out of the Paris climate agreement, Pruitt explained that such goals as reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 26-28 percent is unattainable. The official recalled that earlier, the United States contributed to the Green Fund of three billion dollars.

According to him, the presidential administration is currently discussing with the Ministry of justice further steps on formal withdrawal from the Paris agreement, and the final output will take a few weeks. “But as for the Green Fund, it will not happen now,” said Pruitt.

Green climate Fund was created as a tool for the implementation of the Paris climate agreement. In it, the participating countries agreed for 2020 is to make 100 billion dollars.

June 1, Donald trump decided that the USA is out of the Paris agreement, explaining that the implementation of these agreements can bring losses for the country.

The Paris agreement in 2015 provides for the allocation of $ 100 billion to developing countries for climate solutions. It should replace the Kyoto Protocol, which was adopted in 1997 to complement the UN framework Convention on climate change. In accordance with the provisions of the Protocol, developed countries and countries with economies in transition to reduce or stabilize emissions of environmentally harmful greenhouse gases.