Kadyrov found the cause of the chaos in Europe

Ramzan Kadyrov

The internal chaos in Europe has led to “ardent desire to specify Russia”, said the head of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov. He wrote about this in my channel Telegram.

“Actively focusing on other countries, they have completely forgotten about himself, about his people, about their problems,” argues the head of the Republic.

He commented on a series of what happened on June 3 of the London attacks, which killed six people. “We offer our deepest condolences. From its part are always ready to help and advise on how to fight terrorism on its territory we won,” — said the head of Chechnya.

According to Kadyrov, he cares for the lives of Russians are in Europe. He called on all residents of Chechnya to limit your trips to European countries and demanded from Brussels to ensure the safety of tourists and Chechen refugees.

The evening of June 3, three men made a car hitting pedestrians in the area of London bridge, and then drove to borough market, where he got out of the car and with knives attacked passers-by. The terrorists were liquidated by the police. The attack killed six people, injured 48.

This is not the first in recent months, the terrorist attack in the UK. 22 March on Westminster bridge near the Parliament building, the car ran into people, and then was in the car, the man stabbed the policeman. Five people died, the attacker was killed on the spot. On may 22, an explosion occurred at the “Manchester Arena”, which at the time ended with the concert of the singer Ariana Grande. Victims of suicide became 22. Responsibility for both the attack claimed by banned in Russia organization “Islamic state”.