In the heart of Washington, held rallies of supporters and opponents of trump

In the heart of Washington, held rallies of supporters and opponents of trump

In Lafayette square protesters welcomed the decision of the leader of the United States to withdraw from the Paris climate agreement, and the Washington Monument were made by the investigating ties trump with Russia.

WASHINGTON, June 4. /Offset. TASS Anton Cranks/. Hundreds of supporters of US President Donald trump and his opponents met on Saturday two protesters in the capital of the United States.

Supporting the Republican party and the head of the Washington administration, the Americans gathered in Lafayette square near the White house to participate in the demonstration called “Pittsburgh, not Paris.” They welcomed the decision of the American leader to come out of the Paris climate agreement, shouting: “We want jobs!”.

#PittsburghNotParis Almost 50% of Kyoto Protocol countries failed agreement & were not sanctioned. #ParisAgreement failure on larger scale.

— David T. Boddie (@davidboddie) 4 Jun 2017

In the hands of the demonstrators was US flags, posters that trump “let’s Make America great again” and also says “Thank you, President trump.” The majority of the protesters were dressed in the colors of the American flag.

“As you know, the media and the Democrats continue their attack on the President, — said the organizers. — Tensions have risen once for the sake of preserving jobs in America, he decided to withdraw from the Paris agreement. We are organizing a group to demonstrate our support of the President of trump and his fearless leadership.”

The rally was organized by the Committee of the Republican party in Virginia. Its representatives warned the audience about the nearby demonstration “March for truth” against the policy of trump. “Today, we can encounter people who aren’t happy that we are here, — said in a megaphone, one of the organizers. I want to ask you just not pay attention if someone tries to provoke you, focus on why we are here”.

The Committee distributed leaflets with Patriotic songs that should have been executed, if the opponents of the current administration tried to force them to leave. In addition to verbal attacks no incidents were noted. The President went to the Golf club in Virginia.

March for the truth

Demonstrators at the Washington Monument called for the establishment of an independent Commission that would investigate alleged ties to the trump and his assistants in the election campaign of 2016, with Russian officials. Participants in the “March for truth” is also required to publish a tax return trump and information on the FBI investigation and the special committees of the Congress on intelligence, US allegations of Russian interference in last year’s American elections.

Best sign all day #washington #MarchForTruth

— Not_PaulRevere (@Not_PaulRevere) 3 Jun 2017

The protesters called for a “fair and impartial investigation whose goal would be to find the truth and restore faith in the American electoral system and the presidency”. “The legitimacy of our democracy is more important than the interests of any political party or any President,” — said the organizers of the March. They also demanded “more accountability and transparency on the part of” elected officials, as well as “transparent and impartial investigation of Russian meddling in elections in the United States and its relations with the administration of the trump.”

[email protected] speaks at #MarchforTruth in #Washington. @crookedmedia

— Lauryn Gutierrez (@GutzyLo) 3 Jun 2017

On Thursday, the Turkish foreign Ministry announced the country’s withdrawal from the Paris climate agreement, as it “was elected to represent the residents of the city of Pittsburgh (Pennsylvania),” not of the French capital. “I promised to revise or withdraw from any agreement that is not in the interests of the United States,” he said.

Anti- #Trump “March for Truth” protestors rally across the U. S. @OccupyWallStNYC #NewYork @OccupyWallSt #Washington #WhiteHouse #Russia

— Tamer Yazar (@tameryazar) 4 Jun 2017

In the city of Pittsburgh announced that, despite the President’s statement, will adhere to the Paris agreement to combat climate change. On Friday night the city hall was illuminated with green light in support of this agreement.