In a plane crash in Japan killed four people

In a plane crash in Japan killed four people

In the crash of a light aircraft in Japan on Honshu island, killing four people. This publication reports the Japan Times.

A Cessna-172 aircraft crashed while performing a training flight in Toyama Prefecture the day before, on 3 June. The plane crashed in a mountainous area at the altitude of about 2300 m in adverse weather conditions.

According to police, information about the plane crash managed to get through call one of the passengers in the emergency services. Due to heavy fog, rescuers were able to reach the crash site only a day after the fall.

On Board were four men. Arrived at the scene rescue team found their bodies. They were evacuated by helicopter and taken to a local hospital.

The day before, June 3, in Somalia made an emergency landing transport aircraft of the United Nations. During the landing, he crashed into a house near the runway. Four people aboard the plane survived.