British police said six victims of the terrorist attacks in London

Continued: the Number of injured in the London terrorist attacks close to 50

London police said that the terrorist attacks in the British capital killed six people. With the corresponding statement was made by the representative of Scotland Yard, mark Rowley.

“At the moment, unfortunately, according to our information, six people were killed, in addition, the police shot and killed three attackers. About 20 people were injured,” — said Rowley.


Also the representative of police has told about details of the attack. “22:08 last night (00:28 GMT on Sunday 4 June), we (the police — approx. “Of the”) began receiving reports that a car had hit a pedestrian on London bridge. The car continued to move away from the bridge to borough market. The suspects left the car, several people were stabbed,” said Rowley.

“Armed police responded quickly and was faced with three suspects that were shot. Collision and destruction of suspects occurred after eight minutes after the first call to the police. They were wearing something resembling a suicide belt, but it was later discovered that it was a fake”. said Rowley.

The evening of June 3 at London bridge, the minibus drove into a crowd of about 20 pedestrians. After that, according to witnesses, jumped out of the car three people “southern appearance” with a 12-inch (30 cm) knife in his hand and attacked passers-by. Car, describing a zigzag and slipped out the London bridge and left the scene.

Later The Sun reported that the borough market near London bridge is unknown, armed with a knife attacked a restaurant.