Authorities found no merit in the Paris climate agreement without the US

Andrey Belousov

Work in the framework of the Paris climate agreement without the participation of the American side would be untenable, said Russian presidential aide Andrei Belousov. This opinion he expressed in an interview with reporters on the sidelines of the St. Petersburg international economic forum (SPIEF), reports TASS on Friday, June 2nd.

“It is obvious that without the participation of the United States, the Paris agreement will be inadequate because the U.S. is one of the largest issuers of emissions,” — said Belousov. He expressed regret in connection with Washington’s decision to withdraw from the operation of the Convention.

However, the assistant to the head of state stressed that Moscow’s intention to follow the principles spelled out in the document, is not affected.

The Deputy Chairman of the Russian government Alexander Khloponin at a session of the SPIEF said that Russia will ratify the Paris agreement on climate change. “We will move in this direction, the risks do not see the agreement, I think, will be ratified”, — he said.

The President of the United States Donald trump announced the country’s withdrawal from the agreement on Thursday, June 1. On the same day, he personally explained his decision by foreign counterparts, including German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President to Emmanuel Macron.

In the European Union and the United Nations expressed regret in connection with the exit of Washington from the Convention. In the Kremlin even before the official confirmation of the information stated that at the moment they don’t see alternatives to the Paris climate agreement.

The Russian side approved the document in April of last year.