The terrorist attack at the funeral in Kabul, killing 20 people

In Kabul as a result of bombings during a funeral ceremony has killed 20 people and injured 35. This was reported by TV channel Al Jazeera, citing the Ministry of public health of Afghanistan.

A series of bombings during a funeral of the son of a Senator of the upper house of the Afghan Parliament Salim Isadora, who died a day earlier during protests. It is emphasized that three suicide bombers were members of the procession.

At the funeral ceremony was attended by dignitaries, including the Minister of foreign Affairs of Afghanistan Salahuddin Rabbani and Prime Minister Abdullah Abdullah. They both suffered.

According to RIA Novosti, after the bombings, dissatisfied with the incident destroyed two police cars. Banned in Russia, the Taliban said it was not involved in the terrorist attack, the Agency said.

Son of Salim Isidora died on 2 June during anti-government demonstrations in Kabul. The demonstrators gathered in the square Zanbak, where the day before, may 31, a powerful explosion that killed more than 90 people. The participants chanted anti-government slogans, demanding the resignation of President Ashraf Ghani and Prime Minister Abdullah Abdullah. Some battled with police, trying to get to the presidential Palace. The guards started shooting into the air and used tear gas.

May 31, a powerful blast happened in Kabul near the presidential Palace and Embassy buildings. According to preliminary data, the bomb was planted in a tanker for transportation of water. Killing 90 people, and another 380 were injured.