The Prime Minister of Ireland, will be openly gay with Indian roots

Leo Varadkar

The Irish government will be headed by social protection Minister Leo Varadkar (Leo Varadkar) in 2015 openly declared their sexual orientation. 38-year-old politician with the Indian roots will become the youngest Prime Minister in the country’s history, reports The Guardian.

2 Jun Varadkar was elected leader of the ruling party “fine Gal” (Fine Gael). In accordance with this, he will soon take the post of head of the Cabinet of Ministers, which became vacant after the incumbent Prime Minister ENDA Kenny in may announced his resignation.

Kenny expressed successor full support. “It is a great honor for him and I know he will dedicate himself to improving the lives of people across the country”, — said the politician.

Varadkar in may last year headed the Ministry of social protection. Before that, he spent nearly two years led the Ministry of health and for three years held the position of Minister for transport, tourism and sport. In January 2015, the politician declared about his sexual orientation, becoming the first openly gay person in the Irish government.

Varadkar father, a doctor by profession, was born in Mumbai. In the 1960s, he moved to England. There the doctor met his future wife, who then worked as a nurse in Britain they were born daughter Sophie. Then Varadkar lived in India before the birth of the second daughter moved to Dublin, where it eventually settled. In the Irish capital, they had a third child, Leo.

Ireland is the first country in the world to legalize same-sex marriage through a popular vote. In may 2015, a referendum was held in which the majority of voters were in favor of the adoption of constitutional amendments that changed the definition of marriage. As a result it is now considered a Union of two people of any gender. Until 1993 homosexuality in Ireland was considered a criminal offence.