The expert spoke about the role of North Korea in hacking attack WannaCry

North Korea has long been paying serious attention to the application of information technologies for military purposes. About it in conversation with the correspondent “” said the Director of the Center for Asian strategy of Russia of the Institute of Economics Georgy Toloraya.

“I think there is reason to believe that the North Koreans are preparing “cyberview” or, in other words, hackers. It invested significant resources. North Korea in this very serious potential,” he said.

According to the expert, to determine with accuracy whether the hacker group Lazarus attitude to attack WannaCry impossible. The traces indicate that the hackers worked from the DPRK could be left especially to confuse those who would investigate the crime.

“But even the North Koreans have the ability to apply this kind of methods (…) Maybe it’s just the North Korean warning that it is not necessary to have a nuclear weapon or to use it. Even a cyber-weapon can inflict such serious damage to America that will be greater than from nuclear weapons,” — said Toloraya.

Virus-extortionist WanaCrypt0r 2.0 (aka WannaCry) started on may 12 and caused more than 200 thousands of users in more than 150 countries. The malware encrypts information and requires to pay for the decipherment of a ransom of several hundred dollars.

May 16, Symantec and “Kaspersky Lab” announced that it has found evidence that a global cyber attack may be involved in hackers from North Korea. According to experts, snippets of code found in early versions of the virus WannaCry, was used as a grouping Lazarus.