The driver burnt in China bus with children accused of arson

Chinese authorities have charged the driver transporting children for the bus, burned in the accident in early may of this year, in the arson of the car. About it reports The South China Morning Post.

May 9 in one of the tunnels in Shandong bus collided with a passenger car. After the accident the fire started. According to investigators, it arises out of the fault of the driver. No other details were reported.

Of the 11 deaths of children ages three to six years, five of them were citizens of South Korea, and the rest of China. The bus driver also died.

25 September 2016 in a major accident in China in the collision of bus and truck killed 12 people, another 28 were injured. The accident in the urban district of Yakeshi (Autonomous district Inner Mongolia) occurred once on the road ran a horse. The truck driver tried to avoid collision, and at that moment the car hit the bus.

Three days earlier in a traffic accident involving a school bus and a truck killed six people, another 28 were injured. The accident occurred in the city of Shangqiu, Henan province in the Central part of the country.