The Chancellor admired the courage of Putin and I respect him even more

Christian Kern

Austrian Chancellor Christian Kern said that his respect for Russian President Vladimir Putin increased after the plenary session of the St. Petersburg economic forum (SPIEF). The corresponding statement he made at the meeting with the Russian leader on Friday, June 2, Interfax reports.

The rapture of the Core, caused a style of communication that Putin chose for discussion with the American journalist the Kelly Magin who was moderating the event. “I didn’t know initially about the leading, but then I was told, and I further respect you for it, because I would, probably, is not solved”, — said the Chancellor.

The plenary session of SPIEF, which was attended by Putin, Kern, the President of Moldova Igor Dodon and the Prime Minister of India, Narendra modi, took place on 2 June. In closing remarks, the Russian leader quipped Kelly.

“Here we sit, discussing lot of problems — the representative of India, one of the largest countries in the world, Russia also has some value, representative of the European Union, the representative of a small country in the former Soviet Union, i.e. all regions are represented. And here Mr Dodon said that the world ceased to be unipolar. No American sits all commands, I last gave the word”, — joked the Russian leader, noting that “the unipolar world with the quality of discussion” he and the rest of the audience quite satisfied.

Also the media attention attracted and greeting that Putin used at the beginning of the meeting. Entering the hall, the President began the event with the command “at ease!” Later it turned out that the translator interpreted the word as “welcome”, which in English means “welcome”.