Safronov: the logic of confrontation has implications for the Korean Peninsula

Deputy permanent representative of Russia to the UN Vladimir Safronkov

© AP Photo/Mary Altaffer

UN, 3 June. /Offset. TASS Igor Borisenko/. Russia supported the Security Council resolution UN 2356 to expand sanctions against North Korea, but believes that the logic of confrontation has implications for the Korean Peninsula. This was stated by the Deputy permanent representative of Russia to the UN Vladimir Safronkov.

“The resolution just adopted clearly requires Pyongyang to stop inappropriate behavior and to comply with the requirements of the international community, he said. – Rocket launches, the more carried out without prior notice is unacceptable. They pose a threat not only to transport security in the region, but also the lives of people.”

At the same time the representative of the Russian Federation drew the attention of the participants of the meeting of the UN security Council “some controversies” in the adopted resolution. “Of course, Pyongyang violates sanctions imposed on it, but it does not supply components of WMD to non-state actors,” said the diplomat, noting that there are serious doubts as to the mention in the text of the resolution of certain “other programs”. “At this stage there is no evidence that Pyongyang is developing chemical and biological weapons programs”, he stressed.

As the Russian diplomat stated, “logic of confrontation with disastrous consequences for the Korean Peninsula and for the region as a whole.” “For us, it is obvious that the choice should be made in favor of the maximum use of diplomatic tools, he continued. – Deserve the serious attention of the Chinese proposals for a double-freeze – missile programs of the DPRK and the us-South Korean military exercises and the parallel move towards a solution to problems of the Peninsula”.

According to Vladimir Safronkov, “sanctions against North Korea should not lead to the strangulation of 25 million ordinary citizens, most of which is in urgent need of help.” He also drew attention to the fact that destabilizing on the Peninsula was the placement of U.S. missile defense system THAAD. “We have repeatedly said that such a move puts into question the security of neighboring States”, – he reminded.

“It is important to look for a political solution – said Safronov in conclusion. – Some of our partners say they are ready to resume contacts with Pyongyang, but under certain conditions. If you need to talk to each other ultimatums, we will not be moving forward. The situation on the Korean Peninsula, as well as other crises of our time requires early start of the joint collective work, Russia are ready for such work”.