Rogozin predicted the collapse … without an enemy, NATO

Dmitry Rogozin

The Alliance will cease to exist when he did not remain enemies. This opinion was expressed by Deputy Chairman of Russian government Dmitry Rogozin on the sidelines of the St Petersburg international economic forum (SPIEF) on Friday, June 2, RIA Novosti reported.

“NATO starts to miss, very much to wither when they have difficult with the enemy. Now they are the enemy in the face of Russia formed,” — said Rogozin, who in 2008-2011 he held the position of Russia’s permanent representative to the organization.

According to Deputy Prime Minister, NATO is in fact “no object of activity”. The current exchange rate of the countries members of the organization, including sanctions policy, will gradually lose its meaning, he said.

Earlier on Friday, during the SPIEF, Russian President Vladimir Putin called the North Atlantic Alliance as a tool of foreign policy of the United States. He noted that the arguments around NATO will be beneficial for Moscow, if they lead to its collapse. “But so far we do not see a collapse,” — said the head of state.

At the end of may, NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg said that the Alliance is increasing its military presence in response to Russia’s actions. However, NATO is committed to a “constructive relationship” with Moscow, he added.