Regardie 40 minutes found in Moscow hijacked Mercedes natives of the Caucasus

Employees of Regardie detained in Moscow two suspects in the carjacking of Mercedes-Benz. This was reported on Saturday, June 3, on the website of the Federal service.

As reports the press service, malefactors, threatening with a knife, stole a car from the owner and fled. The victim went to the police, the city introduced a plan “Interception”.

The car was found 40 minutes later and blocked the street people’s Militia, employees of private security of the Moscow Department of Regardie. One of the suspects tried to escape, but he failed.

Detained was a 36-year-old and 42-year-old natives of the North Caucasus Federal district. They were taken to the police for further investigation.

The TV channel “360” notes that tried to escape, the thief was caught on the street of Marshal Tukhachevsky. The resource has also published video from the arrest. In the video one of the men, in particular, ask about the knife, but he claims that he knows nothing.

In April it was reported that in Moscow, Mercedes driver shot in the head by another motorist after an accident and fled the scene.