Putin praised the work of his security


RIA Novosti

Vladimir Putin in an interview with Director Oliver stone praised the employees of his personal guard. The head of state declared that “until now, they have it (guard – approx. Rambler) pretty well”. The words of the President of Russia, reports TASS.

“I do my job, and employees (service – approx. Rambler) security doing its. So far they are all pretty well”, – Putin said.

Putin added that he had discussed the issue of personal security when meeting with Fidel Castro, who had made more than fifty attempts.

“And he said to me: “you Know, why am I alive?”. I said, “Why?” – “Because I his safety is always involved personally,” – said Putin.

According to the head of state, he planned to kill at least five times. Putin noted that the organizers of the attacks are usually trying to infiltrate the guard. The President noted that “the one destined to be hanged, will not drown”. On the question of the stone that is destined Putin, the President replied that it is known “God”. Full interview of stone with Putin will be shown as a documentary on 12-15 June.