Putin is counting on the emergence of new large-scale projects in the Arctic with foreign participation

Putin is counting on the emergence of new large-scale projects in the Arctic with foreign participation

During the naming ceremony of LNG carrier “Christophe de Margerie” the head of state also said that he hopes the growth rate of the project “Yamal LNG”.

The PORT of BRONKA (Leningrad region), June 3. /TASS/. Russian President Vladimir Putin takes part in the naming ceremony for the tanker “Christophe de Margerie”, which takes place in the port of Bronka (deep sea port of Saint-Petersburg). Also the ceremony is attended by the speaker of the Federation Council Valentina Matvienko, head of the energy Ministry, Ministry of transport and Ministry of economic development, the head of “NOVATEK” Leonid Michelson, President and CEO of total Patrick Pouyanne, as well as members of the family of de Margerie.

During the ceremony the head of state said he expects to increase the pace of implementation of the project “Yamal LNG”, as well as the emergence of new large-scale projects in the region with foreign participation.

I hope that the pace of implementation of the project (Yamal LNG — approx. TASS) will grow, and all of our shared plans will certainly be executed. And, of course, expect that in the richest Arctic region will be launched new promising large-scale projects, including in cooperation with our French, Chinese and all foreign partners.Mr Putinprime of the Russian Federation

The President noted that the project “Yamal LNG” is significant not only for Russia, but is also a contribution to the development of world energy, contributing to the successful development of global spaces, creating demand on new technologies and transportation of hydrocarbons, creating jobs.

Putin stressed the merits of the former head of the company “total” Christophe de Margerie, whose name received the tanker, calling it “the oldest and a great friend of our country.”

“He (de Margerie — approx. TASS) had a special strategic vision, has done much to strengthen the friendly and partnership ties with Russia, resulted in a number of major joint projects in energy sphere”, — said the Russian leader.

The naming of the ship by the name of the deceased owner, the President called it “another symbol of our sincere, a good relationship with this extraordinary man and a tribute to his memory.”

The name-giving ceremony

By tradition, the naming ceremony for the vessel involved chief guest, the shipowner, the “godmother” of the ship and other invitees. They all make speeches, we also sing the hymns. So will be filled with anthems of Russia and France.

“The godmother”, which selects the owner of the vessel, at the end of the day utter the phrase: “I christen this ship “Christophe de Margerie” and wish him, his crew and all seafarers Sovcomflot success and trouble-free operation; seven feet under the keel!” At the same time the curtain falls, hiding the name of the ship, “godmother” breaks the champagne bottle on the ship with the help of special mechanism.

After the ceremony on the shore of the guests of honor do a group photo on the background of the ship and climb aboard for the trip. Provided the return of captain report to the President. A tour of the ship is traditionally held by the captain and begins with a visit to the bridge.

“Godmother” is entitled to file the first ship’s signal (two short blasts and one long), the captain briefly talks about the instruments and bridge equipment, then the tour participants can explore the wardroom, engine room and other spaces of the vessel.

On the tanker

“Christophe de Margerie” — a pilot vessel of the series of the 15 tankers, designed for year-round transportation of liquefied natural gas in difficult ice conditions of the Kara sea and the Ob Bay in the framework of the project “Yamal LNG”.

The tanker was accepted into service on March 27, 2017, the shipowner is the company “Sovkomflot”. The tanker has an ice class Arc7 is the highest among available transport vessels. The ship is able to break ice of up to 2.1 m.

The ship’s crew is 29 people and a fully equipped Russian sailors. The tanker is able to follow year-round along the Northern sea route in the West from Sabetta direction and for six months in the Eastern.