Petersburg the Deputy appealed to the constitutional court because of Isaac

The Deputy of legislative Assembly of St. Petersburg Boris Vishnevsky graduading Paul Shapchits appealed to the constitutional court to challenge the Federal law under which the St. Isaac’s Cathedral can be transferred to the Russian Orthodox Church (ROC). On Saturday, June 3, the MP said “Fontanka”.

According to Vishnevsky, challenged several articles of the Federal act 327 “On the transfer to religious organizations property of religious significance owned by the state or municipal property”. “From our point of view, this paper puts religious organizations in a privileged position in access to cultural heritage”, — said the Deputy.

On June 2 the Governor of St. Petersburg Georgy Poltavchenko informed the journalists that the city government still has not received an official application of the Russian Orthodox Church to transfer her use of St. Isaac’s Cathedral.

May 17, may city, the legislative Assembly withdrew from the agenda the question of holding a referendum on the ownership of the Cathedral.

In January, the authorities of Northern capital have agreed on the transfer of St. Isaac’s Cathedral to the gratuitous use of the Church for 49 years. The Governor of St. Petersburg Georgy Poltavchenko assured that the Museum function of the building will be saved. The possibility of such transfer has angered citizens of the city, they held a series of meetings and tried to organize a referendum.

Federal law No. 327 adopted in 2010. It defines the procedure for the transfer of property in public ownership, in property or free use of religious organisations.