MOE explained sent residents of the suburbs SMS on the cold technical glitch

Cause residents in the capital region message about the twenty degrees of frost was a technical failure. About it reported in a press-service of EMERCOM in Moscow region, the Agency reports city news “Moscow”.

The Department explained that the transfer operators of cellular communication of warnings about adverse weather conditions, to residents of the Moscow region came distorted information in the region this coming weekend is minus 20 degrees and minus two degrees Celsius.

Bummer Sergey (@lentyai8098)
02 June 2017, 16:58

29 may in Moscow were hit by a hurricane, which killed 15 people and injured 208. A disaster, according to preliminary estimates, damaged roof, more than 180 buildings, the disaster affected approximately 1.9 thousands of cars, fallen 6.5 thousand trees.

The representatives of the capital’s mobile operators told me that I was not able to warn subscribers of impending to Moscow the hurricane on Monday, may 29, as the notice from the Ministry of emergencies came too late. In the MOE explained that residents were not notified in time because of the inconsistency of work of duty officers.