In Moscow saw the long-standing insult to call Merkel on the EU to take destiny into their own hands

Angela Merkel

The President of Russia Vladimir Putin believes that the recent call by German Chancellor Angela Merkel to Europe to take destiny into their own hands is dictated by the long-accumulated resentment against the restrictions of sovereignty to the EU. On Friday, June 2, reports “Interfax”.

The Russian leader noted that “in the framework of military-political alliances it [sovereignty] is limited officially, it stipulates what is allowed and what is not”. “But in practice it’s even harder: nothing is impossible, except for that allowed. Who allows? Authorities. Where’s the boss? Well, there…”, — concluded the head of state.

Putin added that there are not many countries that have sovereignty. “Russia cherishes the fact that we have that sovereignty,” — said the President.

On may 28 the Chancellor said that the EU should be in friendly relations with the United States and great Britain, and to be “good neighbors” with Russia and other countries. “But we need to know we will have to fight for their rights, for their future, Europeans must take their destiny into their own hands,” said Merkel. The German newspaper Die Welt interpreted this statement as if Germany no longer considers US a reliable partner.

The statement by the Chancellor came after a day after Italy ended the summit “the Big seven”, which the leaders failed to agree on a number of issues.