Assad accused trump of “swallowed” campaign promises

Assad accused trump of “swallowed” campaign promises

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad believes that the us leader Donald trump’s politics are very much different from his campaign promises. He told about it in interview to Indian TV Wion, the full text publishes on Saturday, June 3, the Agency SANA.

Assad was asked whether he thinks the new occupant of the White house a man with whom you can deal.

The Syrian President said that an agreement with trump as a person perhaps, but he is unlikely to have any affect.

“Elections trump once again proved to us that the President only plays its part, he doesn’t make decisions on their own,” — said the Syrian leader. According to him, the proof of this is “swallowing most of the promises that he was proud of during his election campaign.” “He turned 180 degrees on virtually every point,” said Assad.

The Syrian President also stressed that “the problem in the United States is related to the whole political system, it is not about one person”. He added that Washington “does not accept allies in the world, accepts only puppets, are only followers ( … ) and we’re not one of them.”